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FLA Orthopedics

FLA Orthopedics

FLA Orthopedics designs and manufactures a complete offering of Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, and Spinal Bracing Products as well as Compression Hosiery, Diabetic/Therapeutic Shoes, Footcare Products, and Occupational/Ergonomic Supports. Knowledge of both textiles and fundamental orthopedic principles is applied to every product manufactured. With the depth of product line, FLA can meet the orthopedic and support needs of its customers. FLA understands the various distribution market channels and can help rationalize, simplify and modernize this historically chaotic product segment in the healthcare arena.


FLA Pro-Lite Wrist Support Knitted Pullover
$13.39 $11.38
FLA Kids Universal Arm Sling
$18.70 $15.95
ProLite Knit Ankle Support
$19.85 $16.95
ProLite Knit Knee Support
$20.75 $17.75
SoftPoint Silicone Heel Pads, Small
$20.95 $17.95
FLA Kids Neoprene Ankle Support
$21.80 $18.95
FLA Kids Neoprene Elbow Sleeve
$21.80 $18.95
Gel-Band Tennis Elbow Arm Band
$21.70 $18.95
Pressure Lite Diabetic Socks - Light Energizing Crew Length
$22.20 $18.95
Therall Joint Warming Wrist Support
$22.20 $18.95
Pressure Lite Diabetic Socks - Light Energizing Calf Length
$23.35 $19.95
Pressure Lite Diabetic Socks Pressure Relieving
$23.35 $19.95
Safe-T-Sport Elbow Sleeve Neoprene
$23.35 $19.95
Therall Joint Warming Ankle Support
$23.45 $19.95
Therall Joint Warming Elbow Support
$23.35 $19.95
Work About Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support
$23.35 $19.95
FLA Kids Neoprene Knee Sleeve
$24.95 $20.50
Gel-Band Knee Strap
$24.50 $20.95
FLA ProLite Airflow 8" Wrist Brace
$24.95 $21.21
Safe-T-Sport Neoprene Knee Support - Closed Patella
$25.60 $21.95
Safe-T-Sport Neoprene Knee Support - Open Patella
$25.70 $21.95
Safe-T-Wrist Standard Duty Occupational Wrist Support
$25.70 $21.95
Therall Joint Warming Knee Support
$25.70 $21.95
FLA Hospital Grade Two Panel Surgical Rib Belt for Women
$25.50 $22.50
FLA Hospital Grade Two Panel Surgical Rib Belt for Men
$25.50 $22.95
FLA Kids Microban Wrist Splint
$25.50 $22.95
ProLite Wrist Brace 8" Deluxe
$26.85 $22.95
SoftFit Wrist Brace - Perforated Suede Finish
$26.85 $22.95
FLA Hospital Grade Heel-Elbow Protector
$27.50 $23.95
ProLite Low Profile Wrist Support
$27.50 $23.95
FLA Orthopedics Cast Protector - Half Arm
$29.20 $24.95
FLA Professional Abdominal Binder 9in. Paneled
$29.20 $24.95
SoftPoint Viscolas Sports Full Insole
$29.20 $24.95
SoftForm Light Support Elegant Wrist Brace
$30.40 $25.95
SoftPoint Viscolas Heel Spur Cushions
$30.40 $25.95
Tether Professional Grade Thumb Stabilizer
$30.40 $25.95
Save more money with the Doc!!! I just want to say thanks for the great service! Your sales staff is great! Just what I ordered, also thanks for the fast and FREE shipping!!
- William H.

As the athletic compression takeover continues, Aleva Stores is keeping itself in the game by adding CompresSport compression wear to, and

CompresSport has been tried, tested and approved by sports professionals and amateurs and has made itself a leader in the compression market. CompresSport is dedicated to helping athletes boost their performance, delay fatigue, avoid muscle tear and injury and provide quick and optimum recovery.

The CompresSport technical weave is designed for a more effective venous return from the feet to the heart as you exercise. After exercise, CompresSport fiber will continue to apply its actions of venous return acceleration and elimination of toxins produced during effort and support to the muscle. CompresSport makes sure your recovery is quicker and return to exercise is made easier and quicker.

The addition of CompresSport is an exciting one for Aleva Stores as they continue to strive to make the most optimal compression site around. By bringing in CompresSport, a more ample inventory of the best compression wear on the market is available via

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