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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
In lots of pain today. Saw orthopaedic surgeon who gave me this boot for “lots of arthritis” in ankle, SubTaylor joint in ankle and spur in ankle. The brace immediately stabilized my gate and I was able to put my foot to the floor and comfortably leave office. Pretty amazing after the miserable morning I had.

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Maryanne Cummiskey

I have ordered the Activa Coolmax H31212 for over fifteen years. They are the most comfortable compression socks I have every worn. And Doc ortho is my favorite place to order them from. You get what you order, and fast. Great socks at a great price. They last a long time if you take care of them like it tells you to.

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Joe Downing

I have been looking for this SAI pull on ankle support for a long time. None of the drugstores carry it. They all have adjustable ones. I started using this in 2004 and when mine wore out, I searched every place. I looked in my old ankle box and found Kendall Futuro today. I am so happy with this ankle support.

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Donna White

I am an operating room nurse and on my feet 8 hrs a day.My leg pains were at the end of the day but after trying your product it did the job.I would like to request a brochure so i can sell your product at my store.My address is 8095 Acacia Circe , Cypress CA 90630. Thank you

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grace Miranda

I have a very bad back. Will be operated on soon. However this back support gives me the stability I need to just move around. My back feels so much better with this belt on. I can't believe the difference. Thank you very much.
By the way the price was very good also.

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stephen Cooper

I received my order of 10 Ace reuseable cold compresses in less than three days as expected.

I have been looking everywhere without success so I was thrilled to find your splendid website with free shipping.

I have MS with extraordingary back pain and nothing works for my back pain like ice. Thank you again for such splendid service..

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Joyce L

Ordered the Futuro Stabilizing Back Support about a month ago. It is a wonderful support and I can now walk, stand and almost feel like my old self. I am ordering another one today and highly recommend it to any one who has pain and is unable to stand for even five minutes. The delivery was a fair amount of time-love that free delivery! Thanks DocOrtho!
Jersey Girl, Marie

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Marie Enz

Normally, I am skeptical of testimonials that refer to "other companies." After receiving my order, however, I have to add mine. I ordered products from a competitor in December and after several frustrating email exchanges, I had not received my order in May. No attempt to receive a response from the company was satisfactory, and I could only conclude that they had no intention of ever shipping my order. I only received a check after threatening legal action if I didn't get a refund within 24 hours. With this site, however, I ordered on a Sunday and received my order on Thurs by standard delivery. Everything was as ordered and excellent. I will definitely order again and will recommend widely. It is great relief after such an awful experience.

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Corey O.

Received my order within a few days. Speedy service. Thank you!

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Not only do you guys have great prices, but I was floored at how fast your service was! I placed my order on a Friday morning and received it Monday- wow! Thanks so much

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Kristen S.

1840 Enterprise Drive
Rochester Hills, MI 48309

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