FLA 4-Panel Abdominal Binder, 12"

FLA 4-Panel Abdominal Binder, 12"

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Size (Abdomen)

12" Height Constructed of a true woven elastic, this abdominal support provides excellent compression to help support weakened abdominal muscles. The four-panel (12" height) design with a simulated hinged stitch allows for the most conformed, tapered fit as it encourages controlled breathing. Tall height for taller patients or long line surgeries. 


  • Provides support and compression to abdominal muscles weakened by strain without restricting breathing or muscle redevelopment
  • Premium elastic for firm and consistent compression
  • Material can be cut without unraveling to accommodate drainage tubes
  • Hook-compatible exterior allows for a large range of adjustability and easy application

CONDITIONS/INDICATIONS: Ideal for anyone needing abdominal support and compression, especially those with weak abdominal muscles after surgeries or pregnancy. 

SUPPORT LEVEL: MILD – For weak or aching muscles or joints. For use after recovery or as prevention.