FLA CarpalMate® Wrist Support

FLA CarpalMate® Wrist Support

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Helps prevent and provide symptomatic relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Provides support when performing tasks such as typing, data entry, light assembly or any repetitive tasks. Comfortable for all-day wear. The unique design and angle of the CarpalMate elevate the wrist and alleviate pressure on the Median nerve, which is the cause of pain and discomfort in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). The snug fit of CarpalMate at the heel of the palm limits hand and wrist motions, such as drooping and pinching, which aggravate CTS.


  • Compression-formed support base is molded to conform to the wrist and palm area.
  • The CarpalMate provides support to the wrist by maintaining it in a neutral position.
  • The Palmar pad provides a resting point for the hand and inhibits thumb and little finger opposition.
  • Low-profile support provides for full finger and hand dexterity while controlling thumb and little finger opposition – no uncomfortable thumb loops or bulky straps. 
  • Rigid stay maintains the wrist in orthopedically correct angle, alleviating pressure on the Median Nerve.
  • Wide elastic strap provides adjustable compressive support over the wrist area. 


SUPPORT LEVEL: MODERATE – For mild to moderate conditions that require some stabilization of the affected area. For use during recovery.