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Actifi II Lace Up Figure-8 Ankle Support With Straps

Actifi II Lace Up Figure-8 Ankle Support With Straps


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The Lace Up Figure-8 Ankle Support w/ Straps provides support by combining the comfort of compression and the stability of a brace. Adjustable to fit most adult ankles.


  • Designed to provide stability, compression, and inversion/eversion control
  • Thin yet strong ballistic-type nylon provides maximum support and durability
  • Lacing provides adjustable fit and ability to pin-point anterior compression
  • Durable-nylon figure-8 straps provide benefits of taping
  • Stockinette tongue and elastic posterior panel for a comfortable fit
  • Support fits easily into most athletic and casual shoes
  • Left or right application
  • For an accurate fit, it is best to measure the circumference from the top of the ankle to the back of the heel
  • Conditions/Indications: Ankle Sprain

    Support Level: Moderate - For mild to moderate conditions that require some stabilization of the affected area. For use during recovery.

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