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Actimove® Knee Support Closed Patella, 2 Stays

Actimove® Knee Support Closed Patella, 2 Stays


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Firm compression, added stability, durable support, functional helix design.


  • Firm compression to help manage pain from knee conditions.
  • Added stability through two spiral stays.
  • Reliable, durable support for everyday mobility.
  • Anatomical shape supported by a patterned helix design for a good fit.
  • Soft, smooth Motion-Comfort-Zone in the popliteal area.
  • Reinforced edges for long lasting wear.
  • Soft, latex-free, and cotton-free yarns for enduring comfort.
  • Four sizes available.
  • Can be worn left or right.

CONDITIONS: Degenerative knee conditions; Overuse or repetitive use syndromes; Chronic knee pain.

SUPPORT LEVEL: MODERATE - Wraps and supports designed to deliver minor to moderate protection and support

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