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Actimove® Post-Op ROM Knee Brace

Actimove® Post-Op ROM Knee Brace


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The Actimove® Post-Op ROM Knee Brace is designed to provide secure, comfortable knee immobilization, or range of motion limitation, patients through its universal fit and adjustability to various leg lengths. Lightweight, it optimally immobilizes the patient during their treatment, suitable for use post-injury, post-operatively, or throughout rehabilitation.


  • For a faster application, the hinge offers quick lock keys to keep the knee at 0°, 15° and 30° degrees.
  • To limit knee movement more precisely, the range of motion can be set in flexion from -10° to 120° and extension from -10° to 90° in increments of 10°.
  • The hinge bar locking system provides security to users.
  • The telescopic hinge bars of the brace can be extended from 44.5cm - 66 cm/17.5” - 26” to fit most patients.
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