CEP Compression Men's Full Achilles Support Socks

CEP Compression Men's Full Achilles Support Socks

SKU WO59562

The Achilles Support Socks help protect you against injuries and provide relief from existing pain and discomfort. The anatomically shaped, highly adaptive SMARTMEMORY FOAM pads protect and take excess pressure off your Achilles tendon for noticeable relief. The proven medi compression reduces swelling and gives you light legs while also activating your proprioception for an awesome feeling of stability.


  • Anatomically shaped Achilles tendon pad massages deep tissue and increase microcirculation
  • Proprioceptive ankle and foot stabilization from medical grade compression
  • Increased blood flow in the foot and lower leg thanks to graduated medi compression
  • High-tech synthetic fibers provide moisture wicking properties and reduce odor-causing bacteria
  • Soft, breathable fibers and seamless toe construction mold to the feet like a second skin
  • All in one sock and Achilles support

CONDITIONS/INDICATIONS: Achilles Tendonitis, Achilles pain and swelling, Irritation of the Achilles Tendon

SUPPORT LEVEL: MILD – Sleeves and supports designed to deliver general purpose protection and support

MATERIAL: 84 % polyamide, 16 % spandex