CEP Women's Outdoor Light Merino Mid-Cut Socks

CEP Women's Outdoor Light Merino Mid-Cut Socks

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The Breathable Women's Outdoor Light Merino Mid-Cut Socks. Designed for those who refuse to settle. Enjoy unparalleled comfort, lightweight breathability, and performance-enhancing compression tech. Push yourself further in these versatile women's compression socks. The product of years of R&D, we're the best thing to put between you and every impact.


  • Blend of nylon, spandex, wool, and compression technology provides comfort and durability
  • Lightweight, wool-blended, anatomically padded cushioning, anti-blister, anti-hotspot
  • Seamless toe-closure for maximum comfort
  • Strategically-placed padding on ankle bones and first metatarsal head provides long-lasting cushion
  • Guaranteed for six months (150-200 wears)


Material: 74% Polyamide (Nylon), 15% Merino Wool, 11% Elastane