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CHAMPION Tennis Elbow Strap

CHAMPION Tennis Elbow Strap


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The Champion C-43 Elbow Strap is designed to provide temporary relief from "tennis elbow", a painful condition of the soft tissues of the forearm caused by repeated activity requiring a strong grip. Wrapped snugly just below the elbow joint, it inhibits the muscular action that can lead to pain and weakness.


  • Non-elastic foam lined fabric comfortably reduces muscular action and stress on tendons, and allows for normal activity
  • Includes removable "accu-point" pressure pad for maximum support and relief (applies only to white style)
  • May be worn with or without the foam "accu-point" pressure pad for varying degrees of support
  • Excellent for sports and other activities that tend to aggravate the condition
  • Hook and loop closure is fully adjustable and can be trimmed for a custom fit
  • Easy one-hand application
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