FLA GelBand® Arm Band

FLA GelBand® Arm Band

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Size (Forearm Circumference)

Worn just below the elbow joint while at rest or during activity, this armband applies focused compression to the tendon without restricting circulation. Eliminates stress and helps reduce inflammation and pain. Includes a patented gel cell that can be removed and heated/chilled for thermal therapy on acute and chronic injuries. Helps reduce nagging pain and speeds healing. Ideal for wear during athletic activity, work or at rest.


  • Provides conforming compression without restricting circulation
  • Unique GelCell® can be cooled or heated for therapy on acute or chronic injuries
  • Can be worn during athletic activity and during rest

CONDITIONS/INDICATIONS: Ideal for common injuries like tennis or golfer’s elbow

SUPPORT LEVEL: MILD – For weak or aching muscles or joints. For use after recovery or as prevention.