FLA Soft Fit® Suede Finish Wrist Brace

FLA Soft Fit® Suede Finish Wrist Brace

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Size (Wrist Circumference)

The SoftFit Perforated Suede Finish Wrist Brace provides support to the wrist while preventing flexion and extension. Low on hand to allow for full finger dexterity. Orthopedically designed palmar stay to hold the wrist in the neutral, “cockup” position. Ideal for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (especially at rest), sprains and strains.


  • Soft, padded liner absorbs moisture for increased comfort
  • Palmar stay and dorsal stays for immobilization
  • Easy, one-hand lace pull closure system

CONDITIONS/INDICATIONS: Ideal for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis, moderate to severe sprains and strains, after cast removal and arthritis

SUPPORT LEVEL: MAXIMUM – For moderate to severe conditions requiring little to no movement of the affected area. For use during initial recovery.