McDavid Knee Brace w/ Polycentric Hinges

McDavid Knee Brace w/ Polycentric Hinges

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  • Bi-lateral geared polycentric hinges for stability and free movement
  • Engineered top and bottom straps assure personalized fit
  • Latex-free neoprene provides thermal compression
  • Open 360° padded buttress isolates and supports the patella
  • Bound edges prevent irritation
  • Perforated back panel provides heat and moisture management and all-around comfort
  • Fits left or right

CONDITIONS/INDICATIONS: Improving medial and lateral stability, helping reduce injury and assist recovery

SUPPORT LEVEL: MODERATE – For mild to moderate conditions that require some stabilization of the affected area. For use during recovery.

MATERIAL: 100% latex-free 4.8mm neoprene (CR) - exclusive of binding/straps/cover fabric/hinges