Meniscus Injury

The menisci lie on the inside and outside of the knee joint and serve as "shock absorbers" between the thigh and the lower leg.

Causes of Meniscus Injury

Meniscus injuries are common knee injuries in a number of sports, especially in football.

However, half of all meniscus injuries are caused by permanent stresses and strains, above all in occupations that primarily involve kneeling.

When turning the body with your foot held still and knee joint flexed, it crushes the meniscus and causes it to tear or even be torn away from the bone (often the inner meniscus). Ligament injuries in the knee joint are often also combined with meniscus tears because the traumatic events for meniscus and ligament injuries in the knee are similar.

Treatment of Meniscus Injury

First aid for a meniscus injury consists of icing the joint and supporting the knee with elastic supports if necessary.

The quickest and most effective treatment for a meniscus tear is to have surgery soon after the injury. After recovery, the patient is free to play all sports and do all activities again once there is no longer any pain and the function of the muscles over the front of the thigh and the range of joint movement are satisfactory. This should be accomplished after about six to eight weeks.

Although special rehabilitation measures are not absolutely necessary, treatment always includes exercises for strengthening and loosening the muscles (especially the muscles over the front of the thigh).

Orthoses give the knee joint additional stability after the operation and promote proprioception and the healing process.


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