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CHAMPION Elastic Wrist Splint Right

CHAMPION Elastic Wrist Splint Right


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The Champion C-50/33 Wrist Splint is specially shaped to hold the hand and wrist in the position recommended by physicians for correct healing of sprains, strains and other injuries. It is also suitable for those affected by arthritis and occupational-related discomfort.


  • Excellent Support - elastic, cotton-rayon tri-tension fabric places greatest amount of support directly around the joint, less around the hand and forearm, least at either end of splint to prevent binding or cutting
  • Shaped aluminum splint keeps the wrist comfortably fixed at a 32-degree angle to promote healing and minimize pain
  • Padded thumb closure will not cut into soft tissue between index finger and thumb
  • Opens flat - hook and loop closures allows easy self-adjustment for excellent support and custom fit
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