FLA Lumbar Sacral Support w/ Abdominal Belt, 10"

FLA Lumbar Sacral Support w/ Abdominal Belt, 10"

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Size (Hip Circumference)

Elastic and Soft Foam Construction Adjustable Velcro Closures Easy to Wear Under Clothing Built-In Flexible Stays This back support is constructed of elastic and soft foam with velcro closures and is adjustable, providing for optimal comfort. Lift is added to the abdominal area through a ten-inch back height with an additional overlapping belt. Built into the back and sides are flexible stays to provide additional support while preventing the belt from rolling. This support will help stabilize and support your lumbar region to relieve pain and discomfort from chronic or acute injuries.


  • Helps relieve lower back pain and discomfort
  • Supports the lumbar and abdominal region
  • Additional abdominal support belt
  • Easy, comfortable and inconspicuous to wear


SUPPORT LEVEL: MILD – For weak or aching muscles or joints. For use after recovery or as prevention.