Sports Injury Recovery

Doc Ortho is here to help get you back to great health more quickly after an injury.

Most accidents happen at home or during sports and leisure time. From tearing ligaments to banging shins and pulling muscles, or even falling victim to golfer's elbow or spraining a wrist, there are so many injuries that can happen in a split second.

The good news: fewer and fewer injuries require surgery. Read on to find out which orthopedic medical devices and conservative measures can get you back out there quickly and comfortably!

Preventing Injuries

Tips for preventing injuries and avoiding accidents:

  • Warm up well before playing by stretch your muscles. This improves the blood flow to the cartilage, which increases cartilage volume, thus enabling it to absorb impacts better.
  • If you have already had a ligament injury or if one of your joints is unstable: wear a joint guard, support, or sport compression garments. These stabilize the joint and make sure it doesn't twist so easily.
  • Don't overdo training or sports. It is okay to rest.
  • Avoid repetitive incorrect use: make sure you wear safe footwear.
  • Play somewhat more defensively.
  • For winter sports: skiing exercises make you fit for the first downhill ski run of the season.

The RICE Rule

Every sports fan should know the RICE rules of first aid to minimize pain, swelling, redness and impaired joint function after a sporting injury.


    Supports and braces are quick and practical to put on. They also offer optimum relief and stabilization for the affected areas, which is why they are often used to treat sports injuries.

    To get back on your feet again and recover quickly, you should:

    • Stop playing the sport until you can go about your normal day-to-day activities symptom-free.
    • When you are ready to participate in the sport or activity again, take it easy for the first few days.
    • Take time to rest.
    • Nourish yourself with water and healthy foods.
    • If needed, take advantage of physical therapy.
    • Take advantage of all the available treatment options, including supports and braces – as recommended by your doctor.
    • Keep a positive mindset.

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