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medi Epico ROM Elbow brace

medi Epico ROM Elbow brace


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The Protect Epico ROM post-operative elbow brace features medi‚ patented Quickset hinge that easily adjusts to all popular protocol settings and includes a protective range of motion safety cover. Additionally the Protect Epico ROM includes latex free breathable foam padding, adjustable hand support that is malleable and connected by the adjustable shoulder strap. The lightweight design enhances comfort and effectiveness for a quicker road to recovery. 


  • Breathable foam padding is soft and comfortable against the skin
  • Adjustable hand support that molds for a personal fit
  • Quickset ROM (Range of motion) hinge is easily adjustable to desired setting
  • Protective hinge cover eliminates accidental adjustments

SUPPORT LEVEL: MAXIMUM – Braces and guards designed to provide the ultimate protection and support

MATERIAL: Aluminum, polyester, polyurethane, nylon

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