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medi Lumbamed Basic Lumbar Soft Support

medi Lumbamed Basic Lumbar Soft Support


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The medi Ortho Lumbamed Basic Lumbar Support features integrated hand loops that allow for easy application and removal. The support offers noticeable relief for pain in the lumbar spine while providing much needed support to the lower back muscles. Made with Clima-Comfort fabric that is highly elastic, breathable and moisture-wicking for all-day wearing comfort.


  • Simple application with integrated hand loops
  • Soft, highly-elastic, breathable fabric for comfort in any climate
  • Specially knitted comfort-zone prevents constriction and pressure areas
  • Designed to men and women's specific body shapes for a personalized fit
  • Clima-Comfort fabric ensures maximum comfort and hygiene

CONDITIONS/INDICATIONS: Lower back pain (lumbago) caused by facet joint disorders, Postural muscle imbalance in the lumbar spine, Ligamentous disorders, Post-discectomy syndrome, Slight joint loosening in the lumbar spine (osteochondrosis and spondylosis), Irritative conditions of the sacroiliac joint

SUPPORT LEVEL: MODERATE – Wraps and supports designed to deliver minor to moderate protection and support

MATERIAL: Polyamide, Polyester, Elastane

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