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OTC High Performance Ankle Brace

OTC High Performance Ankle Brace


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The OTC 2371 high performance ankle brace can be used for either therapeutic or preventative support for the ankle. It is effective in stabilizing the ankle joint following severe sprains, tendinitis or after cast removal. The semi-rigid spiral stays provide excellent side-to-side support. The stays also help the brace control rotational strains on the ankle, and they provide resistance to inversion and eversion. The lace front facilitates application and post swelling adjustment.


  • Lightweight flannel lined canvas material for a firm, comfortable fit
  • Two bilateral spiral stays move with the ankle joint, provide effective medial-lateral control
  • Front lace arrangement allows for easy adjustment to accommodate swelling and eliminates the need for tedious taping
  • Elastic panel in back of brace allows for normal athletic foot movement
  • Latex free
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