FLA FlexLite® Hinged Knee Support

FLA FlexLite® Hinged Knee Support

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Perfect for functional or light activities, this brace allows for sufficient flexibility while still protecting and stabilizing the knee. Medial and lateral composite hinges provide support and help prevent hyperextension. Overall brace weight is extremely lightweight. Easy-to-apply wrap front thigh and calf closures. Breathable material. 


  • Extremely lightweight, ideal for walking or light activities
  • Durable hinges made of ultra-light space-age composite material
  • Cool, breathable material with less bulk
  • Wrap style front closures and tension control straps

CONDITIONS/INDICATIONS: Ideal for post-surgery or mild ligament injury, knee instability or degenerative joint disease.

SUPPORT LEVEL: MODERATE – For mild to moderate conditions that require some stabilization of the affected area. For use during recovery.