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FLA Safe-T-Lift® LX Occupational Back Support

FLA Safe-T-Lift® LX Occupational Back Support


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This Lifting Belt should be worn during any activity involving lifting, repetitive motions or standing for long periods of time. Durable for extended use at work or at home. When worn correctly, the shoulder straps and intra-abdominal compression of a Back Support system will help hold the lumbar and thoracic curves in alignment. Back Supports have also been shown to reduce the forces of the erector spinae muscle required to stabilize the spine, which in turn reduces the cumulative spinal compression. In addition, moving the side pulls from the passive to active position will serve as a physical reminder to use proper lifting techniques.


  • Elastic side pulls provide adjustable compression
  • Four coated and plastic-tipped spring steel stays for extra support
  • Wide, cool spandex support base
  • Durable, woven shoulder straps encourage proper posture
  • Safe-T-Fit System provides a scaled, conforming fit – support base height is scaled to body size
  • Easy and quick closure system
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